Teacher Appreciation Gifts From Children

Good teachers deserve to be appreciated. If your child has a good teacher, consider showing your and your child's admiration by giving her a gift. Teacher appreciation gifts should come directly from the child's heart, so give your child the opportunity to help choose or make the gift for his teacher.

Framed Class Photo

Many schools have picture days where students are photographed individually and with their classes. These class photos are important to teachers, because they are a memory of each year's class. Let your child use his imagination to create an extra special memory by placing the class photo in a frame that he customizes. Make sure he puts his name and the class year somewhere on the frame so his teacher is sure to remember it always.

Indoor Plants

If your child's teacher likes gardening and plants, consider letting your child pick out an indoor plant that he can give as an appreciation gift. Certain indoor plants work better than others for classroom environments. Plants to consider include Chamaedorea Palms, small Bonzai trees and Creeping Fig plants. Be sure to check with your local greenhouse about any possible allergens the plant may give off to avoid any health risks.

Homemade Baked Goods

Homemade goodies are always a good choice for a teacher appreciation gift. They are inexpensive and delicious, and your child can help prepare the treats. You can make homemade baked goods even more special by placing them in decorated dessert boxes or wrapping. You can even make enough for your child's entire class to enjoy.

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