Teacher Appreciation Crafts

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Teachers are important people in your children's lives. During Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3-9) you may want to send something special to your child's teacher. You do not have to buy an expensive gift to show your appreciation. You and your child can do several crafts together that his teacher will enjoy.

Apple for the Teacher

Take a piece of Manila paper and put it on top of some newspaper (to keep the paint from bleeding). Put red paint on your child's palm and press it onto the Manila paper. Then dip the child's thumb into green paint and press the thumb pad on the top of the palm print to make the apple stem. Write a special note to the teacher expressing your appreciation for him.

Baked Goods

Bake a tasty treat for the teacher. Make brownies or cookies and put them in a decorative basket or tin can. If you want to be extra creative, make sugar alphabet cookies and ice them in bright colors such as red, blue and yellow. You could also make rice crispy treats and wrap them in pretty tissue paper.

Flower Pen Pot

Instead of buying your teacher real flowers, make her a pot of flowers with pens so she can actually use them. Decorate a plain flower pot using paint or permanent markers. You can put her name on the pot or write "Number one teacher." Add coffee beans or dried legume beans to the pot. Take several pens (Bic pens work the best) and remove the end of the pen. Wrap the pens tightly with green floral tape. Pop the heads from silk flowers and glue them to the tops of the pens. Stick them in the pot so it looks like a potted plant of flowers.

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