Thank You Ideas Using Candy Bars

Saying thank you with candy bars is a sure way to win the heart of the recipient. Present the candy bars in a creative way for a special gift. Any type of candy bars work for the creative presentation ideas. If you're gifting the candy to a picky eater, check out his favorite candy bars before making the gift. Also note any food allergies, particularly to milk and nuts which are in many candy bars.

Customized Wrappers

Adding a customized wrapper to a candy bar is a simple way to say thank you. You can order personalized candy bar wrappers or make your own. Some sites such as Linda's Kitchen and Raspberry Swirls offer free candy wrapper templates you can print. Using a glossy paper to print the wrappers gives it a nice look. Once the design is printed, cut around it and tape or glue it around the candy bar. You should leave the manufacturer's wrapping on the candy bar to keep it sanitary.

Candy Bar Cake

A candy bar cake uses a Styrofoam circle as the base rather than an actual cake. Glue the foam circle to a serving platter or cardboard cake round for stability. Choose a variety of miniature candy bars to cover the cake. Use a hot glue gun to attach the candy bars to the circle. You want to cover the Styrofoam completely by placing the candy bars right next to one another. For a larger thank you candy bar cake, use two or more foam circles of varying sizes. Stack the circles on top of one another, using hot glue to hold them together. Then cover them as you would with only one layer. Ribbons tied around the cake layers or silk flowers added to the top finish off the presentation of the candy bar cake.

Candy Dish

Choose a decorative candy dish as the container for the candy bar gift. Think about the recipient's decorating style and choose a dish that complements it. You can choose a traditional glass candy bowl or get creative and use a decorative metal bucket or ceramic flower pot. Fill the candy dish with a variety of miniature candy bars. This idea also works well with other types of candy if you want to add some variety. A large piece of tulle wrapped around the entire gift provides a pretty presentation.

Candy Bar Gift Basket

An option similar to the candy dish is to fill a decorative basket with candy bars. Add cocoa beans to the bottom of the basket as a filler. Arrange a variety of gourmet candy bars in the cocoa beans. Wrapping cellophane around the entire basket is a good way to prevent the contents from spilling. Tie the top with a colorful ribbon before presenting the candy bar thank you gift.

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