What Goes With Pumpkin Soup?


Pumpkin soup is a fall favorite. After all the carving has been done, turn the pumpkin into something useful for the dinner table. Accompany the rich autumnal flavors with rich foods such as crusty breads, dry cheeses, warm salads and meats.


Generally breads go with all soups, but as pumpkin soup is smooth and relatively thick in texture, pair it with crispy breads for contrast. Try it with a hardy, crisp French baguette or artisan rounds like Tuscan loaves. Avoid soft biscuits.


Dairy pairs well with pumpkin soup, which often contains cream as an ingredient. Top the soup with Parmesan, cheddar, or even sour cream. Cut or slice hard cheeses and serve them alongside the soup with bread.


Warm salads pair nicely with cold-weather soups, and bitter greens can offset the natural sweetness of pumpkin. Consider a spinach salad drizzled with warm vinaigrette or other harvest vegetable salads such as corn.

Meaty Additions

For a more rounded meal, consider protein additions such as small pieces or ham or miniature crawfish. They can be added directly to the soup or offered on the side.


Water is always the preferred palate-cleansing accompaniment to a meal, though a dry red wine or spiced apple cider would blend nicely with the soup.


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