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Italian food has made its way into our hearts and our grocery stores. We no longer need an Italian grandmother to slave in the kitchen for hours on hours creating a delicious pasta sauce. Now, thanks to modern conveniences, Americans can go to a nearby grocery store and buy a great jar of Ragu Old World Style Smooth Pasta Sauce. However, with obesity levels and the rise in diabetes, paying attention to the nutritional information of a product is very important.

Calories and Fat

One serving of Ragu Old World Style Smooth Pasta Sauce is 1/2 cup. One-half cup of Ragu has 70 calories; the calories from fat are 25. There are no trans fats or saturated fats, and only 2.5 grams of fat per serving.

Label Facts

This Ragu sauce has no cholesterol. It has 10 grams of carbohydrates, constituting 3 percent of the daily-recommended amount of carbohydrates. One serving contains 6 grams of sugar and 2 grams of fiber. This is not a sufficient source of fiber; it is important that consumers look elsewhere to fulfill the daily recommended intake of fiber. The amount of protein is low, as well; there are 2 grams per serving. Like the fiber, it is important to get protein from another food source.


The sodium level in this sauce is very high. One serving contains 580 milligrams; that constitutes 24 percent of the daily recommendation for sodium. If you have high blood pressure and have been told to watch your sodium intake, it may be better to look for a pasta sauce with less sodium.

Vitamins and Minerals

This particular Ragu sauce has 10 percent of the daily recommendation for vitamin A, 4 percent for vitamin C, 2 percent for calcium, and 4 percent of the daily-recommended amount of iron.


Overall, Ragu Old World Style Pasta Sauce is a fairly healthy choice for a meal. The sugar level is low, along with cholesterol and fat. The only major concern, depending on the person, is the sodium level. For optimum health value, pair with whole-wheat pasta; this will provide more protein and fiber.

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