How to Use Dried Herbs and Spices for Dips


Herbs and spices add flavor to plain sour cream or yogurt to create a dip for chips or vegetables. Cooking with dried herbs and spices differs slightly from using fresh varieties. For the most flavorful, tasty dips, use your dried herbs and spices correctly. Need recipe ideas for dip? See the Resource section.

Step 1

Buy small amounts of dried herbs and spices and use them within one year of purchase (see Reference 1).

Step 2

Learn the best dried herbs and spices for dips by consulting an herb and spice chart. See Resource 2 for the uses of various herbs and spices. Parsley, paprika, sesame seeds and chives will add flavor to bland dip bases such as sour cream (see Resource 2).

Step 3

Replace each tablespoon of fresh herbs in a dip recipe with 1 teaspoon of dried herbs or 1/4 tsp. powdered herbs or spices for a 3 to 1 replacement ratio of fresh to dried herbs (see Reference 2, page 2).

Step 4

Before adding the dried herbs and spices to your dip, crush them lightly between your hands or with a mortar and pestle (see Reference 2, page 3).

Step 5

Combine the ingredients for the dip at least 2 hours before serving. Refrigerate the dip for at least 2 hours before serving. Leaving the dip overnight in the refrigerator helps to allow the flavors of the dried herbs and spices to meld (see Reference 1).

Things You'll Need

  • Dip recipes (see Resource 1)
  • Herb and spice chart (see Resource 2)
  • Dried herbs and spices per recipe (see Resource 1)
  • Dip base per recipe (i.e., sour cream, yogurt or mayonnaise) (see Resource 1)
  • Mortar and pestle tool


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