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Seven-layer dips are popular foods that are typically served at parties as an appetizer. While seven-layer dips can include a variety of healthy and tasty food ingredients, they are most recognized and admired for their display, which is why serving them in a clear bowl or dish is essential. Most seven-layered dips are based on Mexican food ingredients, but these can be substituted with a variety of ingredients at the cook's discretion.


Seven-layer dip is way to serve a combination of food that is layered into a dish and used as a dip. Many seven-layer dips are used at social gatherings and are showcased in a clear bowl for display of each individual layer. Dips are typically served as a snack and compliment many meal styles nicely, but the Mexican seven-layer dip, which includes meat, can be used as a main dish. Seven-layer dips can be served with a variety of crackers or chips, and scooped from the serving dish, or portions can be individually taken out and placed on plates.


Seven-layer dips can come in any flavor combination. A popular seven-layer dip served for an appetizer includes refried beans, taco meat, cheese, black olives, lettuce, sour cream and green onions; it is served to guests cold with tortilla chips for dipping. Meatless versions of seven-layer Mexican dips as well as all bean and cheese versions are also popular. Dessert seven-layer dips could consist of crushed graham crackers as a base, chocolate pudding, crumbled candy bars such as snickers, hot caramel, hot fudge, whipped cream, nuts and ladyfinger cookies for dipping. Vegetable seven-layer dips could include a layer of thick ranch dressing or sour cream interchanged with fresh-cut vegetables such as carrots, broccoli cauliflower, green peppers, onions and celery and then have crackers, tortilla chips or other fresh vegetables used to scoop and dip.


Recipes can be doubled to accommodate a larger crowd, which means the layers will be thicker, making a larger serving bowl necessary. Clear bowls that are 8 to 12 inches in diameter are recommended for seven-layer dips.


If the dip will be served outdoors at a picnic, having dairy and meat products exposed to high heat can lead to food poisoning. Keeping food cool will assure that it will be tasty and safe to eat. Dips should also be covered in a sealed container when not being served to assure freshness and avoid a stale taste.


Your guests will be impressed with a beautifully displayed seven-layer dip, plus it is a convenient dip to take to a potluck. Seven-layer dips are great to serve on occasions where space is limited for serving multiple dips--the combined ingredients in one dish make serving and eating easier on both the host and the guests.

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