Where Does Blue Cheese Come From?


Blue cheese is just one of the many types of cheeses that people use to add flavor to food. There are various types of blue cheese to choose from that may bring stronger tastes.


Blue cheese, as defined by FoodSubs, is "blue-veined cheese". Blue cheese is an aged cheese that is encouraged to grow mold. This mold is what gives the cheese its taste. The cheese can be created from cow milk or goat milk.


Each blue cheese type has its own specific creation process. In general, blue cheeses are made by first creating curds. Once the curds are created, the mold is actually injected into the cheese, and then it is left to age.


There are various regions that create blue cheese, each with its own particular taste. France creates multiple types of blue cheese, including Bleu de Bresse (cow's milk) and Blue de Chevre (Goat's Milk).


Some of the most popular types of blue cheese are Bavarian Blue, Blue Castello, Danish Blue, Gorgonzola and Roquefort. The most well known American blue cheese is known as Maytag Blue Cheese.


There are multiple foods that pair incredibly well with blue cheese. According to FoodSubs, this includes salads, port wine, apples, pears, honey and figs.


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