About Gouda Cheese


Comprising 50 to 60 percent of the world's cheese production and made worldwide, gouda is a semi-hard cheese served in cubes or slices and used in a large variety of culinary applications.


Gouda cheese originated in Gouda, Netherlands, a small market town, but today it is made and sold worldwide.

Making Gouda

Made from cultured cow's milk curds that have been pressed into molds, gouda cheese is soaked in a brine, dried out and allowed to sit for a couple of weeks before it is eaten.


There are six different types of gouda cheese: traditional, aged, Boerenkass, aged Boerenkass, goat's milk and American.

Flavor and Uses

Each variety of the smooth and creamy cheese has a different texture and taste, from mild, to a more fruity, sweet flavor suitable for dessert.


Gouda can be kept for up to a year when it has been aged, but semi-soft gouda typically only stays fresh for a month.


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