How to Make a Cracker & Cheese Tray for Serving


Cheese and cracker trays are perfect for just about any occasion. They can be served as snacks during a football game, or as appetizers before a nice sit-down dinner. Children can enjoy a cheese and cracker tray along with some sparking cider, while adults enjoy their cheese with wine. When you prepare a cheese tray, you want to provide several different flavors and textures for your guests.

Step 1

Select five different types of cheeses. Make sure you have a combination of soft, hard, mild and strong. Choosing different colored cheeses is also a plus because it appeals to your guests' sense of sight. Some suggestions may be brie, cheddar, blue, gruyere and Swiss.

Step 2

Purchase 2 oz. of cheese for each person attending your get-together. For example, if you are having 10 guests, you will need 20 oz. of cheese.

Step 3

Arrange the cheeses on your wooden cutting board in order of soft to hard, or from mild to stronger tasting. Place one cheese knife in front of each type of cheese.

Step 4

Make small labels for the cheese and stick them behind the serving knife. For fun, you may also want to add the country of origin of each cheese.

Step 5

Add crackers to your tray. Have at least two different types of crackers for your guests to choose from. Some suggestions are butter crackers, whole wheat crackers or onion crackers.

Things You'll Need

  • Large wooden cutting board
  • 5 cheeses
  • 5 cheese knives
  • Labels
  • 2 packages of crackers


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