Cheese & Cracker Appetizer Ideas

Cheese and crackers are a very popular and easy appetizer for parties, but they can also blend into the background. There's no reason they have to: There are many ways to make them stand out at any fete.

Try Different Cheeses, Crackers

Most people will only use a few well-known cheeses for their platter, such as cheddar and brie. Instead, go to the local deli or specialty foods market and try a few different types of cheeses, such as Stilton instead of cheddar or chevre instead of brie. Or try different versions of popular cheeses, such as smoked cheddar or herbed brie. Similarly, there are a wide variety of cracker flavors to choose from.

Pair Cheese With Drinks

Cheese and wine go wonderfully together, so take the opportunity and pair the wines that will be served with meal with the cheeses in the appetizer. Cheeses can also be paired with beers for guests. For the truly ambitious, try pairing cocktails with the cheese and crackers. It'll take a little work, but it'll be a distinctive touch to the meal.

Make Your Own

There's no reason to stick with store-bought products. With a little time and interest, you can present your guests with homemade cheese and crackers. While cheeses will take a little more time, they can actually be made with items available in most homes, according to David B. Fankhauser, a professor of Biology and Chemistry at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. Crackers are also fairly simple to bake.

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