DIY Fresh Fruit Party Tray


Most people choose to provide food and beverages when they host a party. Having a variety of choices available ensures that all your attendees find something to eat and drink. Making a fresh fruit tray for your party is simple, inexpensive and is even suitable for use as a colorful centerpiece.

Pick Your Platter

Decide what kind of platter you want to use to display your fruit. The platter you pick should be large enough to hold enough fruit for all of your guests. You can also use a platter that coincides with your party's theme if it has one. For example, if you are throwing a Christmas party, you could use a Christmas or Santa-shaped platter.

Purchasing the Fruit

Choose which fruits you want to use on your tray and purchase them. Depending on where you live, different fruits are in season at different times of the year. You can buy fruit based on the price, what is freshest or the fruits you enjoy the most. Try to purchase a variety of different fruits so your tray looks more colorful and your guests have more variety to choose from. Remember, not everyone likes all kinds of fruit. To ensure the freshness of the fruit, make your purchase as close to the time of your party as possible.

Preparing the Fruit

Prepare the fruit no more than two to three hours before your party to make sure everything stays fresh. Wash all your fruit to remove any bacteria, then remove leaves and begin slicing the fruit. It is best to cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces that your guests can pick up and eat easily. Consider cutting the fruit into different shapes and sizes to add visual interest to your platter. For fruits like strawberries, you can choose to remove the green leaves from the top or leave them on.

Arranging the Fruit

There are many ways to arrange the sliced fruit on your platter. Consider placing a small bowl in the middle of the platter and filling it with grapes, strawberries or another small fruit. Then, place the other fruits around the bowl for a visually pleasing platter. Try arranging the fruit by color or size. Provide tongs to pick up the fruit or you can put toothpicks in the pieces so your guests can pick them up without dirtying their hands.

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