Deep Fried Finger Foods

Finger foods are foods that can be eaten with your hands rather than using a fork, spoon or knife. A deep fryer can give boring finger foods a tasty crunch. Many different types of finger foods are at your disposable that will suit the pickiest of palates.

Deep-fried Meats

Almost any type of meat can be turned into a delectable, deep fried finger food. One of the most common types of deep fried finger foods is chicken fingers and fried chicken wings. Fried chicken has a tasty, crunchy flavor that spices up bland chicken. Buffalo wings can be fried and served with a spicy sauce. Turkey can also be cooked in a deep fryer and cut into bite-size, finger-food portions. Steak is another type of meat that can be deep fried and served as a finger food. A delicious way to eat a steak is to cut up a tender piece of meat like tenderloin into bite-sized portions, coat the steak with batter and deep fry the steak. Ground beef is another type of steak that can be deep fried into crunchy meatballs. Hot dogs, bacon and sausages can also be deep fried and served as finger foods. Even fish can be served as a fried finger food. Fried shrimp, catfish or cod can all be served as fried finger foods.

Deep-fried Cheeses

Another popular type of food that is often served as a deep fried finger food is the cheese stick. You can make cheese sticks from a number of different types of cheeses, including cheddar, swiss, colby, munster, feta, gouda or mozzarella. Simply cut your favorite type of cheese into a finger food-size portion, coat the cheese with egg and dip in bread crumbs before frying.

Deep-fried Vegetables

Deep frying can make almost any vegetable taste delicious. There are some vegetables that are commonly used as deep-fried finger foods, including zucchini, mushrooms, onion rings, jalapenos and French fried potatoes. Spring rolls and egg rolls are both common types of finger foods that contains vegetables wrapped in a flour coating and deep fried. Try experimenting with pickles, artichokes, asparagus and cauliflower.


Chips are an easy-to-make type of fried finger food. You can fry almost any type of chip, from potato chips, to corn chips to pita chips. Chopping up some fresh pita and deep frying the small pieces makes a great finger food that can be served with a variety of dips and sauces.


Try experimenting with different types of fried desserts. You can fry finger food-size portions of cookies, cakes, pies and brownies.

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