Finger Food for Parties


Finger food is an important part of any party. Choices for your finger food should be both delicious and uncomplicated. If you are using as appetizers before a big meal, your finger food you should be able to make the items quickly, the recipes should be simple, and include items you can just purchase from the store and serve with a nice presentation.

Fast and Simple Options

There are several finger food options that you can make without too much fuss. Following are items that can be made with little notice and minimal skill. Make appetizer kabobs by placing grilled chicken cubes, cherry tomatoes and cheese on small 6-inch kabobs. You can do the same thing with an assortment of melons, grapes and pineapple. Frozen meatballs can be served up fast by pouring a bad of frozen meatballs into your crock pot, adding a jar of barbecue sauce and a cup of grape jelly. Serve them with toothpicks. Deviled eggs are an old faithful appetizer recipe. To make two dozen deviled eggs, you need one dozen eggs, 1/2 cup of mayo, and your choice of relish, mustard, and/or avocado. Carefully cut the boiled eggs in half and remove the yolk. Crush the egg yolk with a fork and mix it with the condiments. Put 1 tsp. of mixture back into the eggs and top it with paprika. Sliders are miniature hamburgers and help ground beef go along way while satisfying the appetites of your guests. Take your typical hamburger recipe and separate it into 2 oz. patties. Grill these tiny burgers and place them on dinner rolls instead of buns. Have a hamburger bar ready so people can top the sliders themselves.

Last-minute Finger Food

If you decided to have a last-minute party or celebration, you will need last-minute finger food, preferably with items you already have in your home. Some of these are as follows: Quesadilla wedges can be made from flour tortillas and your option of cheese, spinach and/or chicken. Place a tortilla on a greased griddle, add shredded cheese and fresh spinach and/or shredded chicken. Place another tortilla on top and cook, turning it carefully to cook both sides. Cut each quesadilla into eight pieces with a pizza cutter. Take a modern twist on finger sandwiches by making mini paninis. Use whatever bread you have in the homem such as sandwich bread or croissants. Assemble your sandwich, and cook it on a griddle using the weight of another pot. If you have a panini press, that will be easier. Cut your panini sandwhich into bite-size pieces. Tortilla pinwheel sandwiches can be made using your favorite sandwich fixings. Spread them on top of the tortilla and then roll it into a tube. Cut the tube into inch wide strips making pinwheels.

Buy and Serve

If you are asked to bring finger food to a party, or need to set up a party after a long day of work, there are items that you can purchase from the store, arrange on platters and serve. Purchased whole green apples or sliced apples, and serve them with caramel dip. Or buy a bag of cheese cubes, a bag of broccoli, mini carrots and celery stalks along with a small container of dip. Arrange the vegetable and cheese around the dip, which should be placed in the center of the platter. Purchase French bread and hollow it. Spoon the store purchased spinach dip into the french bread bowl. Serve salsa and cheese dip with tortillas. Heat the chips in the oven to give them a fresh restaurant appeal and warm the cheese dip in the microwave.

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