Poker Party Food Ideas

A poker party is a great way to enjoy some time with friends and family and indulge in some delectable goodies. When choosing foods for a poker party, it's best to pick dishes that you can prepare ahead of time and set out, without having to worry about doing any actual cooking while the poker game is going on.


There are a variety of appetizers that you can prepare for a poker party. A meat, cheese and vegetable tray would work well, since it's something that can be passed around or that people can help themselves to in between games. You can prepare some hot appetizers before the poker game, such as spinach dip, cheese sticks, potato skins, chicken fingers or calamari. Be sure to get the food in the oven at least 20 minutes before your game is going to start. Potato salad, coleslaw or pasta salad are other great appetizer options. Many people love serving wings, but keep in mind these can get pretty messy.

Main Dishes

A classic poker food is pulled pork. The pork needs to be slow-cooked ahead of time, but all you need is a crock pot, some spices and some barbecue sauce, and you can serve up mini pulled-pork sandwiches that are sure to be a hit with your poker friends. Finger foods, such as chicken fingers and chicken nuggets, are great choices because your guests can eat these during the course of the game. You can also serve chili, which is a classic comfort food perfect for a poker party. Pizza is another easy option because all you need is a couple of boxes of pizza, some plates and napkins, and nobody even has to get up.


Depending on how long your poker game goes, you may want to consider some snack foods to set out as well. Chips, salsa and queso dip are extremely easy to prepare and should keep your guests satisfied. Also consider pretzels, nuts and other foods that can be easily poured into a bowl and shared at the poker table. Mini sandwiches are another snack food that will keep your guests happy. Sliced fruit or veggies with ranch dressing dip is a good way to satisfy any health-conscious folks in your crowd.

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