Tips on Transporting Edible Fruit Arrangements

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Edible fruit arrangements are a great addition to a buffet or the perfect gift for a family member or friend. But they can be cumbersome and hard to transport. Whether a food service company created the arrangement or you made it yourself, you still face the challenge of delivering it in good shape. A few strategies will help get your edible fruit arrangement from point A to point B in one piece.

Motor Transportation

If you plan to transport an edible fruit arrangement by car, use a vehicle with plenty of floor space. If possible, borrow a truck or large van. Place the arrangement on as flat of a surface as possible. Don't try to balance it on a seat. Put the edible arrangement inside a large, open-top box to protect against sliding and hitting car walls. Use a box that is the same size as the serving board the arrangement is on, so that the fruit plate doesn't slide inside the box while you're driving.


If possible, arrange the fruit when you reach your destination. If someone else made the edible fruit arrangement, dismantle the parts that are most susceptible to being damaged, such as skewers with fruit that you can reattach when you reach your destination. If you plan to make the edible fruit arrangement, simply bring the fruit and other materials and arrange everything when you arrive. This ensures that the arrangement will be fresh and in perfect condition when you present it.

Keeping Cool

One drawback to transporting edible fruit arrangements is that fruit usually needs to be chilled. In summer and in a hot car, you might see some wilting or warming of the fruit, which can lessen its appeal. In a car with air conditioning, keep temperatures as cold as you can stand. If the car lacks air conditioning, use a large cooler box filled with block ice to transport the arrangement.

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