Food for an Underwater Theme Prom


Serve food that represents the creatures of the sea at your underwater theme prom. Be playful with your refreshment offerings and provide choices to please everyone in attendance. Use your imagination to create a spread that imparts memories of the ocean and sea life. Here are some fun ideas to get you on your way to a dance that features great food.


Serve finger foods that prom-goers will be able to eat while standing. People will be wearing their nicest clothes, so be careful to choose items that are not sloppy or messy. Set out large blue bowls filled with goldfish-shaped cheese crackers to keep with the theme, and provide something dancers can grab and keep going. Create mini-aquariums in small clear plastic cups by chilling blue Jell-o around gummy sharks and fish. Use a cookie cutter to make sea life shaped bread to form tuna salad finger sandwiches. Fill an old glass aquarium half full with candies and allow partygoers to use a fish net to pull out their share. These fun snack items should be set out before the first people begin to arrive.


Provide a few theme-guided drink options for your prom attendees. Combine a blue raspberry drink mix with a carbonated lemon-lime soft drink in a large fish bowl. Empty and clean a fish food shaker and fill it with crushed ice. Forgo the traditional drink glasses and use tiny fish bowls to serve punch to the guests. Stop dancers before they leave the table with their fish bowl of punch to tell them you need to feed their fish. Then proceed to sprinkle crushed ice from the fish food shaker into their bubbling blue drink. For another option, remove the labels from full bottles of drinking water. Print labels that say "Sea Water" and tape them to the bottles. Prom-goers will get a laugh when they taste fresh, clean water.


End the evening with an underwater-themed dessert that sends people home with a smile. Make a red ice cream octopus for each guest by crossing four pieces of licorice in the middle of a paper plate. Put one scoop of strawberry ice cream in the middle of the plate and a smaller scoop on top. Add eyes to the octopus by carefully placing two red hots on the top scoop. When serving, wear an eye patch and hand the dessert over along with a plastic fork and tell the person, using a pirate's gruff voice, that they must slay the octopus using Triton's trident. Even high school kids will get a laugh out of the silliness of their ice cream quest.

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