How to Make Picture Collages Online for Free


If you have numerous pictures with the same theme or from the same event, you may want to create a collage with the images. There are several Web sites that offer programs with free layouts that make it possible to turn your digital photos into picture collages. Once you have completed your collage, you can save it as a separate picture file, and the collage can be printed or edited in the same way as any standard picture file.

Step 1

Go to a Web site that has a picture collage option. Picture2Life has over 200 layouts that can be customized. Collagr is a popular collage site that has numerous layouts and can pull images from Flickr or Photobucket albums.

Step 2

Upload your photos. If you are working with Collagr, you will need to upload the photos to your Flickr or Photobucket account. If you are using Picture2Life or a similar site, you can upload your photos directly to the site.

Step 3

Choose the layout or collage design you would like to use. Once you have selected your layout, you can change the resolution, size or background to customize the design.

Step 4

Pull your photos into the collage. For each section of the collage, you will click on the image you want to place in that area. On Collagr, you will enter the URLs of the photos from Flickr and Photobucket you want to place in each section.

Step 5

Save your collage. You will click "Build," and your photos will be pulled into the appropriate places in the collage layout. Then you will be given the option to save your collage as its own image file.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital photos

Who Can Help

  • Picture2Life
  • Collagr
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