Tips on Maternity Photography


Photography is a beautiful way to preserve images you want to remember forever. Pregnancy is one of those cherished times in life that you might want to memorialize with great pictures that will last long after the morning sickness subsides. If you are an aspiring photographer, include maternity shots on your list of possibilities.

Where to Take the Shots

Offer your services in your client's home. Charge a trip fee and bring portable lights to make the most of the shoot. The advantages for you and the client are that your client will be comfortable in their home setting and you are likely to get some stunning images when everyone is more at ease. The home also provides a backdrop for the story of what life was like before the babies came. A home is part of a family's history and it can be documented along with the changes that occur while the family lives there. Outdoors is another consideration. Pregnancy is all about bringing new life into the world and the natural light and outdoor elements add to this concept. Wherever you take the pictures, remember to keep the background simple and free from distractions.

Who to Include

Include the father in a few of the frames. He is a huge part of the process and the pictures can be lovely. In an established family, it is important to include siblings. A mother reading to her children and expected baby, or the children kissing mom's belly in anticipation are ideas for posed pictures. Be sure to take plenty of shots at random. Photojournalistic shots are often the best and they help people remember the day's events more readily.

Establish Relationships

It is important to make the pregnant woman feel beautiful and comfortable in front of your camera. Reassure her and be especially sensitive to your client. Taking pictures of expectant mothers can help establish a lifelong journey with families. Be sure and offer your services after the baby is born and be prepared with a milestones package that will bring the family back to your studio again and again.

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