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Homemade camera lenses give photographers an opportunity to see and photograph the world from a new perspective. Most homemade camera lens designs fit larger 35mm format cameras. This homemade fisheye lens uses a point-and-shoot to creative interesting image effects. Using the peephole found in a door and a few other materials readily available at craft and home improvement stores, the DIY photographer can craft this lens and enjoy its fisheye effects.


Purchase black craft foam, a piece of PVC pipe no more than 8 inches in length and a peephole used in a door. These come in different degrees of perspective 160 degrees and 180 degrees. If you want more fisheye effect, purchase the 180-degree peephole. Additionally, purchase spray craft glue to adhere everything and a pipe-cutter or hacksaw to cut the PVC.


Measure the craft foam to fit the length of the peephole from the rear end (the end on the inside of the door) to just under the rim of the front end. Cut the craft foam into strips with scissors or use a paper cutter for faster, more accurate cuts. Wrap a layer of foam around the peephole and cut it to so that the ends meet flush and it fits snugly around the peephole stem. Continue cutting strips until the diameter of the peephole fits snugly into the PVC pipe. Lay out the cut foam pieces and spray with adhesive. Reshape the foam around the peephole and press tightly to secure all pieces of the adhesive to the lens. Place the peephole at the end of the camera lens and measure and cut a piece of PVC pipe long enough to cover the camera lens and the built up peephole. Use a hand pipe-cutter or hacksaw to cut the PVC. Cut strips of foam to wrap around the camera lens. Cut enough foam to fit the PVC pipe snugly over the lens. Glue the strips together with spray adhesive and glue the foam inside the piece of cut PVC. Optionally, spray paint the PVC to match the camera.


Mount the fisheye lens on the camera. If the camera has a zoom lens, make sure the lens remains in the same position as when measured for the PVC pipe or the lens will fall off. Do not spray adhesive on the camera's lens. If the fisheye lens does not fit properly, remove the inside foam from the end that fits over the camera and build up the fitting again.

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