How to Mount Large Camera Lenses to Monopods


A monopod is a versatile camera stabilization unit similar in function to a tripod. However, where a tripod has three legs, a monopod has only one leg. This form of brace is favored by photographers for sports or action photography because it provides an acceptable ratio of mobility and stabilization. While cameras attach directly to a tripod, larger lenses may, instead, be mounted on a monopod to reduce stress and the potential for the camera cracking at the point where it attaches to the lens.

Step 1

Locate the threaded screw at the top of the monopod platform.

Step 2

Find the threaded connection socket on the large lens. Many lenses have this socket placed in a specially-manufactured tripod collar or tripod brace. A brace is a fixed platform on the lens made especially for mounting the lens to a tripod or monopod. A tripod collar is similar to a brace; however, the platform is attached to a collar that rotates around the lens on bearings. This allows the lens to turn freely so the photographer can take horizontal and vertical photos without removing the camera from the tripod.

Step 3

Insert the threaded screw into the socket and turn until the lens is firmly attached in the socket.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some lens connection sockets are too large for some monopod threaded connection screws. If your monopod connection screw is too small for your lens connection socket, you can modify the size of the connection socket by inserting a specially-made bushing to convert the socket to the correct size.

Things You'll Need

  • Monopod
  • Large camera lens


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