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There are a variety of options for making do-it-yourself photo calendars featuring your own photography. image by flickr


Photo calendars are a fun way to display your photos, and they make perfect gifts as well. Whether you choose to create your do-it-yourself calendar digitally or by hand, you can be assured this is one calendar that will likely grace the walls of gift recipients long after the year is gone. Choose family photos or scenes from a recent vacation, funny shots or more serious portrait-style images. The result will be a highly revered collection in a useful format that you or others will undoubtedly enjoy for the next 12 months and beyond.

Online Options

Visit online photo retailers like Kodak Gallery, Snapfish or Shutterfly (see Resources). These are just three of numerous websites that offer do-it-yourself photo calendar options. Your photos must first be downloaded onto your computer and then uploaded to the specific site you choose. If you're not working with a digital camera, you'll need to scan your photos and then upload the scanned images to the photo calendar site. Some photo calendar options will allow you to select a different shot for each of the 12 months, while others will require just one photo with the pages underneath it changing for each month of the year.

Create Your Calendar

Once you've uploaded your photos to the the do-it-yourself calendar site, you'll next choose from the selection of calendar options. A step-by-step guide will help you through the process of selecting your photo or photos for your calendar. Some calendars will include the option to add original text underneath your photos as well. Once you've selected each photo and uploaded it into the chosen calendar template, you will be provided with an option for proofing the entire calendar. Once you've done this, the only remaining steps include choosing the number of calendars you wish to purchase and providing your credit card information. Most of these sites will even store your completed calendar template for several weeks should you decide at a later date to order more calendars.

Manual Options

If digital calendar creation isn't in the cards for you, there are manual options you can use for beautiful do-it-yourself photo calendars as well. Visit your local craft or photo store and purchase a calendar with framed slots for the insertion of your photos. You will need to make multiple prints of the photos you'd like to use if creating more than one calendar. This is done simply by visiting your local Walmart or drugstore and using their photo machine to create prints in just a few minutes. Slip the prints into the window frames on the do-it-yourelf calendars and add any text per your choosing. You'll soon have a beautiful photo calendar for keeping or giving as a gift.

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