How to Make Your Own Picture Calendar

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One way to share favorite pictures with family members and friends is to create a custom picture calendar. It is possible to make your own with a graphics or word processing programs and to print each calendar page, which can then be held together with comb binding. But, that is a lot of extra work and expense. There are many online vendors that will affordably print custom calendars using your images. They already have the calendar templates, and most allow you to customize days on the calendar. A picture calendar makes an excellent gift for grandparents.

Step 1

Decide what style of calendar will best suit your needs. You can make a picture calendar using just one picture that is displayed all year long, or one that features a picture for each month. It is even possible to create a calendar displaying more or less than 12 months.

Step 2

Choose the images for your calendar. Depending on the calendar style, you may also need an additional image for the cover of your calendar. Gather the images together in JPEG digital format and save them on a file in your computer. The image resolution should be 300 dpi and no smaller than 1600 by 1200 pixels. If you've done any editing to the images, they should be done in rgb color mode.

Step 3

Make a list of any important dates you would like to add to your calendar. Many vendors allow you to customize the calendar portion, such as adding birthdays or other notable dates to appear on the calendar.

Step 4

Create a name for your calendar. Some vendors allow you to name your calendar. For example, a calendar name might be "A Year with the Smith Family." Decide this before you begin creating your calendar online.

Step 5

Choose an online vendor, such as,, or, to create your calendar. Go to the vendor's website, where, typically, will be required to create an account. This will normally be free, and you will need a valid email address to complete the sign up.

Step 6

Log into your account and click on the link to create a calendar and follow the vendor's calendar creation wizard. This will involve uploading the images to the website. Normally, an online form will appear during the wizard process where you will browse for each image to upload. When you click "Browse," you will be able to locate the file in your computer where you stored the calendar images. Upload each one as per the wizard instructions. During this process, you will add the dates you gathered in Step 3.

Step 7

Order a calendar or print it on your computer's printer. Some vendors will allow the option of printing the calendar on your own printer. Depending on the number of images, this can use a lot of ink, and it may be more affordable to order a printed calendar from the vendor.

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