How to Spot a Meter Using a DSLR


Digital single lens reflex cameras, also known as DSLRs, offer the photographer great creative control and light use. One of the tools which helps refine the image is the metering mode on your camera. Using the meter allows the photographer to make a judgment on how much light to allow into the lens and onto the sensor. Spot metering allows the photographer to set the camera to meter for just one spot of the image.

Step 1

Turn on your camera.

Step 2

Set your camera to fully manual exposure mode. This will allow you to change your metering settings.

Step 3

Select the center weighted or spot metering mode on your camera. This adjusts your light meter so that it is focused on a spot in the center of the camera view.

Step 4

Point your camera lens at the object you wish to meter and read your light meter reading. If you are metering a scene, you may wish to take a reading of the brightest object and the darkest object in the scene, then set your camera to shoot at a setting which is the average of the two readings.


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