Magic Wand Crafts for Kids

The fascination for magic and magic wands goes back thousands of years. Some deem this topic as dark and forbidden. However, in today's world, magic is often simply entertaining and exciting. Many classic stories and fairy tales enthrall children with imaginative characters, events and objects. The popularity of magical movies may cause children to want to join in the fun. Children long for a wand of their very own. When they make their own wands, that makes the pretending even more special.

Shaker Wand

To make an easy shaker wand, kids need only a plastic CD case, a ruler or wooden paint stirrer for handle, clear tape and some glitter. Pour some glitter into the CD case. Other small, flat items that appeal to a boy or girl may also be added. Tape the CD case closed. Use a glue gun or strong clear tape to fasten the CD case onto a ruler or paint stirrer. Kids can add ribbons, stickers or glue-on items to the CD cases and the handle, if they choose.

Magical Reflecting Wand

A magical reflecting wand is easy for children to make, with only an old CD, glitter and a paint stirrer stick. Other decorations for the wand can be leftover ribbons and decorative craft items found around the house. Spread glue on the printed side of the CD. Sprinkle any color of glitter into the glue. Lay a wooden paint stirring stick in the glue, also, leaving about 2/3 of the stick at the bottom for a handle. When the glue dries, decorate the wand handle with markers, ribbons, jewel beads or foam cutouts. The shiny side of the CD will reflect light and colors, as kids wave their magical wands.

Girly Stuff Wands

Girl-specific wands made from pens and pencils will help keep boys in the house from borrowing and not returning a girl's favorite writing things. With only a bath scrubber made from nylon netting, ribbons and girl-appropriate craft items, girls can turn their pens and pencils into wands. A used cup or juice can will make a decorative holder. Take a bath scrubber apart. Bunch up the soft netting and tie it into a flower shape with ribbon. Glue this to the top of a pen or pencil. Add lots of glitter and ribbons to the wand. Then, decorate an old cup or juice can, using glue and glitter, plastic flowers and stuff in the girl's favorite color.

Creepy Wands for Boys

Creepy wands with snakes will make a wand that boys will love. An adult should first glue plastic snakes to a dowel rod or ruler. If you want, glue a plastic toad or frog to the top of the "wand" creation. Pencils or pens can also be turned into creepy wands.

Magic Bell Wand

Make a magical wand that jingles when you wave it. Wrap a paper towel tube with aluminum foil. Tape 5 or 6 gold or silver chenille stems, so that they stick out the top of the tube. Push one or more craft jingle bells onto the end of each chenille stem. Bend the stem over slightly to keep the bells from slipping.

Wooden Branch Wand

Wands in myth stories are often wooden, made from tree branches. Find a small tree branch, not more than 2 feet long. Peel off the bark. You may want to wrap twigs or vines around the branch and fasten with a glue gun. Spray the wand with clear or colored spray paint. Sprinkle some glitter onto the wet paint if you want a glittery wand.

Star Wand

Princesses love pastel colored star wands. Boy heroes use star wands in bold, bright colors. Cut one or more star shapes from craft foam. Use craft glue or a glue gun to fasten a big star to the top end of a craft paint stirring stick. Fasten more stars along the wand handle wherever you choose. Tie ribbons around the handle just below the big star at the top. Glue on some glitter, jewel beads or plastic bugs and other critters.

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