How to Fix Unfocused Digital Photos


Unfocused photographs can be unfortunate, especially if the event was one that wouldn't be seen again. Generally, unfocused pictures occur because the camera wasn't focused properly when the shutter was released. Luckily, using Photoshop, there is a way to correct the unfocused photograph.

Step 1

Open your photograph in Photoshop and save a duplicate copy of it by selecting "Save" and "Save As." This will allow your original image to remain unedited.

Step 2

Sharpen your photograph by selecting "Filter" and then "Sharpen."

Step 3

A dialogue box will appear. Choose "Sharpen," "Sharpen More," or "Sharpen Edges," depending on the amount of blur in your photograph.

Things You'll Need

  • Photoshop


  • Easy Elements - Repair Blurry Photo
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