What Should I Wear to a Maternity Photo Shoot?


Maternity photo shoots are a great way to document your pregnancy and celebrate your expectant frame. Capturing your pregnancy during the second or third trimester allows you to show your beautiful baby bump and celebrate your body during this special time of your life. Since maternity shoots focus on you, your clothes should be simple, comfortable, and flattering. Your photographer may have suggestions for clothing depending upon your surroundings and backdrops.


When considering what to wear to your maternity photo shoot, speak with your photographer first. The length of the shoot, location of the shoot, and backgrounds planned may influence your choice of outfits. You may be able to bring more than one outfit and change during the shoot for a variety of looks and poses. The setting for your shoot may possibly dictate what sort of outfits are appropriate. For outdoor locations or busy backdrops with a lot of detail, simple clothing in neutral colors work best. This ensures that there is separation between yourself and the background, which will create a flattering portrait.


For outdoor locations, clothing should also be practical and comfortable. Avoid clothing which might be difficult to clean or hamper your mobility. Jeans, simple blouses, and sporty T-shirts are ideal when paired with sneakers or boots for an outdoor shoot. Avoid clothing with maternity panels, since they are not flattering and do not photograph well. When choosing clothes for an outdoor shoot, concentrate on comfort as well as layers appropriate for the season. Since your belly will be the focus of your shoot, choose shirts which are tighter fitting or that expose your belly. Indoor shoots may offer less flexibility in terms of background choice; however, you may be able to choose your backdrops before the shoot and plan clothes which compliment the colors and textures of these pieces. This is the place to show off clothing which may have a sharper pattern or texture; pieces that might be damaged in an outdoor shoot can be worn indoors. Wraps and scarves can be used to cover or reveal body parts, and the drape is flattering to a pregnant figure. Button down shirts can also be used to reveal your baby bump. By choosing clothing which focuses on your figure, you will be able to enjoy your shoot and create lasting memories of your pregnancy.

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