St. Patrick's Day Cupcake Decoration Ideas

Whipping up a batch of beautiful St. Patrick's Day cupcakes will delight all of those around you. Whether you choose to decorate them with shamrocks, leprechauns or rainbows, you can create cupcakes that delight the eyes as well as the tongues. Plan your design in advance so that you have enough time to complete them before the big day.

Green Velvet

Red velvet cake is a popular kind of cake. It is a very sweet cake with white frosting and gets its name from its bright red color. You don't have to use red food coloring, though. For a St. Patrick's Day twist, make the same cupcake using green food coloring. Top it with white frosting and sprinkle with green sugar.

Rainbow and Gold Coin Decorations

Rainbows and gold coins are a symbol of St. Patrick's Day, due to the pot of gold that the leprechaun leaves at the end of the rainbow. Create a rainbow display of cupcakes by frosting a batch of cupcakes in different colors and arranging them in the shape of a rainbow. Alternatively, use fondant to create a rainbow on the top of each cupcake and stick a gold chocolate coin next to the rainbow.

Shamrock Decorations

Shamrocks grow well in Ireland, so you always see them on St. Patrick's Day. Cut a shamrock out of green fondant and place it on a cupcake. If you have a shamrock stencil, place it over the cupcake and shake green sugar over it. You can also place a real shamrock on top of white frosting.

Leprechaun Decorations

Use decorative frosting to draw a leprechaun face onto a cupcake. Give him a beard and a green hat. Drape a bit of fondant over the cupcake and wrap a black buckle around it to turn it into a leprechaun hat.

Easy Decorations

Sometimes you don't have the time to go all out with your decorations. Purchase small plastic leprechauns, shamrocks or rainbows from a party or discount store and stick them into your cupcakes after you frost them. Alternatively, sprinkle green sugar on them or write the letters for "Happy St. Patrick's Day" with icing on individual cupcakes and display them together.

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