St. Patrick's Day Kids' Crafts

Since 1762, the year of the first St. Patrick's Day parade, people in the United States have been remembering the life of Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, as noted at Not only a way for Irish to reconnect with their roots, St. Patrick's Day is an excuse for people of all backgrounds to wear green and learn a bit of history. A suitable craft can help reinforce that learning and give children a creative outlet.


Paint a toilet paper tube primarily green, but use flesh color to add a face with this craft from Cut a craft foam circle to fit the top of the tube for a hat and a ring that kids can slide down over the tube about three-quarters of an inch for a hat brim. Let kids curl brown pipe cleaners around a pencil for a three-dimensional beard and hair. Glue them on, wrapping the hair all the way around the back below the hat brim. Draw the face with a permanent marker and create craft foam arms, hands and feet.

Pot of Gold

Paint a small baby food jar with glue thinned with water. Stick small squares of green tissue paper over the glue to cover the jar. Paint on another layer of glue and put on another layer of green tissue paper pieces. Glue a piece of yellow curling ribbon around the jar lid lip and tie a knot. Curl the ribbon with scissors. Glue about eight iridescent yellow pompoms on top of the lid to represent the gold. When the jar and lid are dry, fill the pot with small pieces of candy and give it as a gift.

Rainbow Mobile

Make a rainbow mobile by cutting a paper plate in half. Cut 40-inch lengths of streamers in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Cut each streamer in half lengthwise to create two long thin pieces, which will be enough to make two rainbow mobiles. Glue the red streamer around the top curve of the paper plate, making sure it is centered so half of the streamer hangs down from each side of the plate. Glue the orange streamer below the red in the same manner and repeat with the other colors until you have completed the rainbow.

Shamrock Placemats

Cut a potato in half and press a heart-shaped cookie cutter into the cut face. Leave the cookie cutter in place while you cut away the potato around the cutter so the heart remains raised about one-half inch from the rest of the potato, the stamp handle. Slide the cookie cutter off and dip the stamp in green paint. Press it onto paper and repeat twice more to form a three-leaf shamrock. Paint the stem after dipping a brush in the paint. Repeat to make as many shamrocks as you like to decorate a placemat. The same technique can be used to make a St. Patrick's Day card.

Shamrock People

Young children may enjoy making shamrock people. Give them large shamrocks cut from construction paper and ask them to draw a face on each one. Provide four thin 8-inch long strips of green paper they can fold back and forth, accordion style. Glue two strips on the bottom of the shamrock for legs and two on the sides for arms.

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