Election Party Food Ideas

The second most patriotic day on the calendar is Election Day. It is a day when most of us choose to exercise our rights, a time to participate in one of the most revered traditions in our nation's history. If you are planning a get-together in honor of this extraordinary privilege that we as Americans have, make sure to serve the right food. Election-themed food can be sarcastic or serious and tailored to your guests tastes. However, it should always be good to eat.

Election Day Drinks

The drink selection can be as easy as a blue fruit juice or a fruit punch for a party with children to a more specialized drink for adult fun. You can combine flavored drink mixes with a carbonated soda instead of water for a distinctive "Election Elixir" and make it the theme drink. If you are on the all-American theme, consider a lemonade and then maybe a spiked version for adults. Whatever drinks you choose, they should blend well with the food and not look out of place.

Election Day Food

Bring back thoughts of long summer days with a good old-fashioned cook out. Serve hot dogs and hamburgers with chili, coleslaw, potato salad and chips. It is a simple menu that guests can adapt to their own tastes and does not cause you to be in the kitchen for the whole party. If you are partial to a specific political party, make things from that candidate's home state or make their favorite foods. Even ordinary foods can have election themed names, such as campaign trail mix and "right" wings.

Election Day Deserts

A regular sheet cake can be turned into an American flag with remarkably little time and effort. Simply ice a sheet cake with white icing and blue icing to make a square in the upper left corner. With red icing, make lines and use white icing or candies for the stars. It does not have to be perfect, but it should demonstrate respect to the flag. Some other ideas could be cupcakes with white icing and blue and red sprinkles; red, blue and clear gelatin squares; star-shaped cookies with red, white and blue icing; cherry pie or blueberry cobbler. Also, everyone knows there is nothing more American than apple pie.

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