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Quince anos celebrations, which are also known as quinceaneras, are held in many Hispanic cultures for parents and family members to welcome a fifteen-year-old girl into adulthood. After the girl has dressed in a gown and gone through the ceremony, her family will usually have a party. The quinceanera cake is served at the celebration, along with other food and refreshments.

Designing a Quince Anos Cake

Although a quince anos cake is technically a birthday cake, it is often thought to be the most important cake of a young girl's life. The cake should stay within your budget, express the guest of honor's personality and stick with the party's theme. For example, if the guest of honor is dressing like a princess and wearing a tiara for the evening, you may want to have a tiara or princess-wearing tiara on top of the cake. If the decorations are pink and white, then the quinceanera cake may have pink icing with white flowers and detail. In addition to the design of the cake, you will need to select flavors and fillings for each layer of the cake. Many people choose the largest layer as yellow cake because most guests like yellow cake. The smaller layers could be chocolate or lemon with cream or fruit fillings.

Do-it-Yourself or Bakery

Depending on your budget and where you live, you may need to choose between making your own quince anos cake or hiring a baker to do it. Many bakers who make wedding cakes will also create quinceanera cakes. Consider how many people are coming to the celebration and how large of a cake you will need. If you are having a small celebration, creating your own quince anos cake may be fun and personal. For a larger celebration, you may need a big cake, so it may be more practical to hire a baker. If you have a large budget and can go all out, finding a baker may be the better option. The important thing is to communicate exactly what you want with whoever is making your cake, and check with them a few days before your celebration to make sure everything is ready.

Ideas for the Quince Anos Cake Table

Consider ordering a personalized quiceanera cake knife and server. These cake knives and servers can have something simple printed on the surface, and are usually adorned with pink ribbons and tooling. On the cake table or guest tables, serve an assortment of mixed nuts, mints and chocolates. Some companies will print special candy wrappings for quince anos celebrations, or you can order wrappers or mints with the same color theme as your other decorations.

Other Food at the Quince Anos Party

Quince anos celebrations can range from sit-down dinners to buffets to parties at home with food made by the birthday girl and her family, according to the "Misquince Magazine." If you have a large budget and are planning a sit-down dinner, then your caterer will help you plan your menu. Guests will usually choose between entrees made with either chicken or beef, but don't forget to have something special for your vegetarian guests. If you want to serve Hispanic food, make sure to give your guests non-spicy options. Buffets work well for quince anos celebrations since you can have a mixture of Hispanic dishes such as enchiladas, tamales and refried beans as well as salads and a meat entree. Many girls hold their parties at their homes and serve chips and salsa or guacamole, finger sandwiches, vegetables and dip, and salads. Take into consideration your budget, the number of guests, the time of your party (whether or not guests will need to be served a meal) and who will make the food.

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