How to Keep Food Hot


You put so much effort into preparing food for your parties and celebrations. All that work would go to waste if the food got cold before everyone had been served. With the right equipment, your dishes will stay warm until your guests are ready to go home. Although there are trays that will keep your food warm with cans of fuel, electric heating trays eliminate the need for an open flame, which makes them the safer option.

Keeping Foot Hot

Step 1

Plug in the electric heating tray and turn it on. Many models let you select different temperatures. It should take about ten minutes for your heating tray to fully heat up.

Step 2

Heat the food in the kitchen. You can skip this step and heat the food directly on the heating tray, but it will take longer than heating the food in the oven or the microwave.

Step 3

Place the food into serving dishes. Wipe the rim of each serving dish with a tea towel to clean up any drips.

Step 4

Place the serving dishes on the electric heating tray. Don't forget to set out serving spoons. Covering the dishes with lids or aluminum foil will hold in the heat and keep your food warmer than if you leave it uncovered.

Tips and Warnings

  • Place a corded electric heating tray on a table against a wall. Otherwise, the electrical cord could be a trip hazard. Cordless heating trays may be placed anywhere. The heating trays and dishes will be hot. You may wish to leave a little note reminding your guests not to touch them.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric heating tray
  • Serving dishes


  • Heating Tray Product Information
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