Spring Brunch Ideas

During the winter many families are cooped up in their houses, trying to escape the cold weather. Spring offers an opportunity to socialize as the temperature rises. One way to socialize with family and friends is to invite them over for a spring brunch. Spring brunches allow you to prepare small tastes of your favorite dishes that take advantage of fresh ingredients for your friends to enjoy.

Egg Dishes

Spring features the holiday of Easter, so you will need to find a way to use all those Easter eggs from your egg hunt. Some ideas include classics such as potato and pasta salad dishes. Deviled eggs are an easy dish to prepare for a spring brunch. Spice them up a notch by adding some chipotle seasoning to the eggs as you prepare them. Another way to serve the eggs at your spring brunch is to slice the hard boiled egg in half, top with half a tablespoon of salsa, and melt cheese on top. American, Cheddar or Swiss are all good choices as your cheese selection.

Fruit Dishes

With the warm weather arriving, take advantage of some of the fresh fruit that starts to appear at local stands and grocery stores. Make French toast out of brioche bread so it is nice and firm, and top it with slices of peaches or bananas as a finger food version of an open-faced sandwich. Another way to serve your fruit for your spring brunch is to create a fruit salad, but add some cream to it by mixing it with crème fraiche.


Fresh vegetables will be joining the fruit on the shelves. Combine a few favorites such as peppers, onions and asparagus to create a strata. To do this mix the chopped vegetables with a mixture of eggs and milk with seasonings such as cilantro and mustard. To add a little more spice, include a dash of cayenne pepper. Layer the mixture on top of bread, alternating the bread and vegetable mixture until you have three layers of bread. Let this rest overnight in the refrigerator and cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to prepare a hearty spring strata dish.

Heat Up the Grill

Spring brunches are a great chance to get your grill ready for the spring and summer grilling seasons. Prepare small sandwiches such as sliders and miniature sausages on the grill. Offer these miniature sandwiches with a variety of toppings such as spicy ketchup made of ketchup and Tabasco, and sweet mustard, using mustard and honey.

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