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There's nothing better than receiving homemade gifts on any occasion. Baked goods, jams, jellies and breads are all pretty standard homemade food gifts. Go one step better and give the gift of ingredients. It allows you to personalize your gift by presenting one of your favorite recipes along with everything you need to make it, all wrapped up in one jar.

Step 1

Select your recipe. Choose a recipe that is one of your favorites, but will lend itself to layering. While cookie recipes tend to work best, you could also try soups or stews, using dehydrated vegetables and stock. The point is that the person receiving your gift will be able to "dump" out the jar, and with just a few added "wet" ingredients (such as eggs, oil or milk), create your recipe.

Step 2

Type or hand print your recipe on an attractive card. Punch a hole through one corner so that it can be used as a "tag." Place a piece of ribbon through the hole and tie securely. Set aside.

Step 3

Assemble the dry ingredients. Measure carefully each ingredient and set aside in separate container. Combine the flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt and any flavoring spices such as cinnamon or lemon/orange peel. Line the containers up in the order of their addition to the bowl as if you were actually making the recipe.

Step 4

Fill the glass Mason jar with ingredients. Moving backward through the recipe (in other words, the last ingredient to be added should usually be the first in the bottom of the jar), layer each ingredient on top of the other. You should have "ribbons" of colors showing through your jar. For example, even though chocolate chips are the last item added when baking cookies and therefore would be on the bottom, you want to place the flour first, then brown sugar, white sugar, oatmeal and finally the chips for the pleasing effect.

Step 5

Place lid tightly on jar and cover with decorative fabric. Tie the string/ribbon that is connected to the recipe around the top of the jar over the fabric, about ½ inch down, and secure tightly.

Things You'll Need

  • Favorite easy recipe
  • Ingredients
  • Mason glass jar with cover (size depends on amount of ingredients)
  • Fancy piece of cloth and ribbon/string
  • Card for "tag"

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