Foods for Kids to Make for Gifts

When it comes to children giving gifts, homemade presents are always appreciated. Making gifts by hand helps teach children the art of giving. Food gifts--along with a homemade card--are especially good for giving to older relatives, teachers and schoolmates. However, foods that kids can make for gifts, especially anything baked, require an adult's help.

Gifts in a Jar

There's no cooking involved with putting homemade mixes in a jar. The child can make layers of measured dry ingredients for bean soup, chili, cookies or brownies in a food-safe canning jar. Make sure the lid is tight and cover the jar with fabric secured with ribbon or raffia. Attach a recipe card that gives the recipient cooking or baking instructions and specifies if other ingredients are needed.

Cookie Ornaments

Ornamental cookies are a common gift at Christmas, but by using different themes can be given year-round. One method is to roll out sugar cookie dough and make shapes with cookie cutters. Poke a small hole at the top of each shape. Children can decorate the baked, cooled cookies with icing, sprinkles, chocolate chips, raisins or small candies. When the icing is dry, loop ribbons through the holes and attach homemade gift cards before tying.

Fruit Bouquet

For a spring or summer gift, set out strawberries, melon shapes, grapes, kiwi and star fruit slices in bowls. Children can stick different fruits on bamboo skewers, and arrange them in small plastic vases with a piece of apple or floral foam at the bottom. Skewers will stand up when pressed into the apple or foam. Deliver the fruit bouquet on the same day it's made.

Mini Quick Breads

Quick breads are easy to mix and pour with kids, and mini loaf pans make them more fun and child-like. Make banana, pumpkin, berry or chocolate bread and wrap the loaf in cellophane like pieces of candy with ribbons tied on each end. Have children add their own homemade tags.

Candy Jewelry

This idea from Family Fun magazine makes a gift that one child can give to another. Use craft or dental floss to string hard candies with holes (such as Life Savers) and form bracelets or necklaces. Older kids can follow the same concept by using a needle and thread to string softer candy such as jelly beans and gummy bears.

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