How to Make Holiday Food Gift Baskets


Holiday gift baskets are a great way to bring seasonal best wishes to loved ones and associates and to provide genuine enjoyment. Creating and customizing the holiday basket says a lot about how much you care. Learn how to creatively select each item and piece together a wonderful holiday food gift package.

Step 1

Select your basket and size it appropriately. Consider the types of items you will be including and ensure that you have a wide enough base in your basket to hold the items properly. Fill the base of the basket with padding or paper. Consider making your own using a shredder and colored printer paper.

Step 2

Select your food items and have a theme to tie them together in some way. Create a sampling of home-baked goodies or select a traditional candy and/or snack theme. Consider adding beverages like bottled sparkling cider, champagne or wine to your basket. Select holiday chocolates, seasonal fruits and candies.

Step 3

Wrap all homemade items in cellophane or place them in small tins and baggies. Use ribbon, stickers and other decorative items to make the packages look appealing. Vary the height and size of the packages to give the basket more dimension once wrapped. Place items strategically so that the taller larger items are in the back and center, with the smaller items on the front and sides.

Step 4

Include a card with a warm message. Refer to your recipient by name and make each card as customized as you possibly can. Wrap the entire basket in cellophane and either tape the wrapping shut underneath the base of the basket or gather the wrapping at the top of the basket and tie it off with ribbon and a bow.

Step 5

If you are shipping the basket, place it inside a larger box and fill the excess space with padding. Mark shipping boxes as fragile and indicate which side should be kept upright.

Things You'll Need

  • Baskets
  • Shredded paper or padding
  • Gift items
  • Small tins (optional)
  • Baggies (optional)
  • Cellophane
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative stickers
  • Scissors
  • Card or gift tag
  • Shipping boxes (optional)
  • Packing material (optional)


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