Food Ideas for a First Birthday


First birthday parties are an exciting celebration. Your tiny, helpless baby has turned into a walking, talking, opinionated toddler. Toddlers love to experiment with new foods but there are still a lot of things that are not safe for them to eat. When planning a first birthday party, remember to include toddler-friendly foods so that all guests have a great time.

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Baby Munchies

Along with grown-up snacks like chips and veggie trays, serve up some toddler-friendly snacks, such as bowls of dry cereal that toddlers love to munch on.

Appetizers for All

Babies and adults alike can enjoy a delicious fruit salad. Remember to slice up grapes in quarters to reduce the choking hazard, and skip the strawberries, which can cause allergic reactions in toddlers.

Happy Toddler Meals

Create a baby-friendly version of the main course. For example, you can grill chicken for the adults and make chicken nuggets for the younger guests. Or you can set up a "make your own taco" buffet for the adults, and offer the kids mild taco meat and Mexican rice.


Set up a punch bowl and put out sippy cups for all the toddler guests. Choose any type of juice the kids enjoy, but create a 50-50 mix with water. Watered-down juice is better for their teeth, and less sugar means they will not be as hyper.


Skip the cake and offer individual cupcakes instead. Cupcakes will allow you to give young children cake without icing, which is less messy. You can also make baby-friendly cupcakes with less sugar, and regular cupcakes for the adults.


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