Rosh Hashanah Crafts for Kids

Celebrate Rosh Hashana, the Jewish holiday celebrating the day Hasheem created the first humans---Adam and Khava, or Eve. The holiday lasts two days and marks the Jewish new year. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with sweet foods such as honey and apples as well as baked challahs---a sweet bread often decorated with raisins. Incorporate a variety of creative crafts for kids to celebrate Rosh Hashana.

Apple Greeting Card

Cut an apple in half---leave the stem and seeds in place. Pour a small amount of craft paint onto a paper plate. Use traditional colors of red or green or add metallic sparkle with gold or silver paint. Brush the paint onto the cut apple using a foam sponge brush. Stamp the front of a blank cardboard greeting card or piece of cardstock folded in half. Write the words "L'Shanah Tovah Tikatevuh" which translates into "may you be written in for a good year." Use a calligraphy pen or metallic paint pen for added decoration.

Stuffed Stocking Challah

Use two pairs of pantyhouse or stockings. Cut off one leg from one pair. Stuff the other three legs with cotton balls or fabric stuffing until firm and full. Braid the three legs together. Use a hot glue gun to create a challah. Form a circle with the braided stocking. Add glue where needed to form the "ball of dough." Add buttons, felt circles or magic marker to represent raisins.

Rosh Hashana Calendar

Draw a grid on a blank piece of paper using a marker and ruler. Create a grid with 35 boxes, seven squares horizontally and five squares vertically. Create the grid on a computer for even spacing. Make 12 copies of the grid. Add each month---with the Jewish name at the top left and the English at the top right. Add Jewish holidays on the appropriate dates. Have children draw pictures and sketches for each holiday. Hole punch the top of the paper and add brackets to keep the papers together.

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