Islamic Crafts for Children

Islamic-themed arts and crafts are excellent activities for Muslim children. Some of the most popular symbols in the Islamic faith are the moon and crescent, which are most prevalent during the Holy Month of Ramadan. These symbols can easily be included into children’s crafts to help Muslim children celebrate their faith.

Crescent Moon Ornament

The Holy Month of Ramadan commences when the crescent moon is sighted in Saudi Arabia. To celebrate the season, kids can cut a large crescent moon shape out of yellow craft foam. A thin coat of crafting glue and a generous sprinkle of blue glitter adds just the right amount of shine to the ornament. A small paper clip can be affixed to the top of the crescent moon to serve as the hanger. The ornament can be hung anywhere in the home to commemorate the season.

Twinkling Star Snow Globe Craft

The Holy Quran depicts the night as a blessing since it is a time to wind down after a long day at work. Muslim children can recreate the twinkling stars in the night sky with an empty baby food jar, water, sequins and glitter. Fill a small baby food jar with enough silver glitter to coat the bottom. Add some blue-star shaped sequins and fill with water. Screw the lid back on tightly and wrap electrical tape around the seam to prevent leakage. Give it a shake and enjoy the glittery scene.

Ramadan Lantern Centerpiece

Lanterns are often used to decorate the Muslim home during Ramadan and the Eid holidays. Using white poster board cut out an 8 -by-4 inch strip. Color the strip in various patterns using markers or crayon. Bring the edges together to make a ring and glue together. Allow for drying. Cut out and color a medium-sized “flame” shape. Glue the flame to the inside center edge of the ring. Use the lantern to decorate the center of the dining room table.

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