Mardi Gras Centerpiece Ideas

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Mardi Gras centerpiece ideas can come from any of the popular Mardi Gras novelty items that signify the fun and tradition of the Fat Tuesday holiday. Shoebox floats, mask bouquets and Mardi Gras treasure chests are quick and inexpensive ideas for do-it-yourself centerpieces.

Shoebox Float

You can make a beautiful Mardi Gras float centerpiece using a shoebox and some select Mardi Gras novelty items. You will need one standard-sized shoebox with a lid, green, gold and purple tissue paper, a stapler, scotch tape, glitter, a jester doll, Mardi Gras beads and doubloons. First, cover the lid and the base with the colored tissue papers. You can make a striped design by overlapping the purple, green and gold tissue paper and taping the paper together over the outside of the box. Now, turn the lid of the shoebox on its side and slide the base of the shoebox into the lid to form an L-shape. Staple the lid and the base of the shoebox together. Now you can slide the seated jester doll into the box and decorate around it with balloons, glitter, Mardi Gras beads and doubloons. If you have a large table, you can create several shoebox float centerpieces that stand alone or rest back to back on your table. Sprinkle Mardi Gras confetti around your floats to complete the look.

Mask Bouquet

Mardi Gras mask bouquets are easy and elegant centerpiece ideas. You can buy several different sized and shaped Mardi Gras masks from a local discount or online party store. You will also want to obtain a purple, green or gold vase, flower arrangement foam, a hot glue gun and several long, thin craft sticks. Place the foam in the vase. Hot glue your masks to the craft sticks and place into the foam in the vase. Vary the mask lengths and placements. Tie a multicolored Mardi Gras ribbon around the neck of the vase to complete the look.

Treasure Chest

You can create a Mardi Gras treasure chest centerpiece that can also double for your guests' party favors. You will need one large box base, scotch tape, a stapler, gold, green or purple tissue paper, ribbon and glitter pen, Mardi Gras beads, doubloons, miniature Mardi Gras masks, feathers, a king cake and cellophane bags. Begin by taping the colored tissue paper to both the inside and outside of the box. Staple the feathers to the rim of the box. Then fill the box with all your Mardi Gras beads, doubloons and other novelty items. Cut your king cake into individual pieces and place the pieces in cellophane bags. Tie the bags with a ribbon and use the glitter pen to write your guests names on them.

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