4th of July Party Food Ideas

A patriotic neighborhood party is the perfect venue for highlighting your favorite summer foods. Fourth of July party foods are best when eaten with your hands in messy, tasty fashion. Surprise guests with some cold treats that will keep them cool during a hot summer party. Tie all your foods together with some patriotic decorations like toothpick flags and red and blue tablecloths.

Shrimp Boil

Prepare the shrimp outdoors in a big stainless steel pot. Keep your pot away from buildings and running children. Besides fresh shrimp add corn, small red potatoes, lemon and crab boil. For a zesty flavor double up on the crab seasoning. When the shrimp boil has finished cooking dump out the foods onto plastic covered tabletops and let guests dig in. Provide cocktail sauce and plenty of napkins for guests.


Wooden kebab skewers make noshing on snacks easy. Skewer two-inch fruit pieces like melon, watermelon and pineapple. Make lots and spread them out on a red tray. Give guests some vegetables by roasting cherry tomatoes, squash and onions. Before the party pound and marinate chicken strips. Grill them on kebab sticks and serve them with tasty dips. Remind children not to run with kebab skewers. Cube a variety of cheeses along with mini pickles and olives. Skewer them with American flag toothpicks. Surround your cubes with snack and wheat crackers.


Before the party, make a batch of sweet lemonade. Pour all the lemonade components into a glass pitcher. Sliced lemons floating in your lemonade make your drink appealing. Offer guests peach- and raspberry-flavored iced teas in cups of crushed ice. Set out lots of fruit garnishments for guests to add to drinks. Serve daiquiris and frozen drinks with little umbrellas. Leave out the alcohol if you like.


Serve patriotic cupcakes for dessert. Cupcakes allow guests to mix and mingle while snacking. Frost cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkle the tops with red and white candies. Leave the cupcakes refrigerated until you are ready to serve. A root-beer float is a delicious traditional treat for the Fourth. Serve blueberry and strawberry parfaits in plastic parfait cups. Offer guests homemade banana pops or pickle pops. Churned ice cream made with fresh peaches is a refreshing dessert. Before the guests arrive, scoop up ice cream into individual serving bowls. Let guests add toppings like cherries and whipped cream.

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