How to Build a Carnival in Your Backyard

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Building a carnival in your own back yard is a fun and safe way to spend Independence Day. Before the fireworks show, you can invite family, loved ones and friends to enjoy and participate in a small-scale backyard carnival. Follow these steps to organize your Fourth of July carnival.

Step 1

Acquire adult volunteers. You will need them to run booths. Volunteers can also help monitor the children at your carnival so that no one gets hurt and help synchronize the end time of your carnival with the beginning of the fireworks show.

Step 2

Set up six booths using canopy tents around the perimeter of your backyard. These booths will consist of a ring toss, a kiddie pool fishing pond, A Velcro dart game, an Oobleck pond, a pie-in-the-face game and a picnic area.

Step 3

Rent a jumper for the center of your backyard carnival. This should be a well-supervised area where a volunteer will make sure that the children will take their shoes off before going in and that they will get out if they are breaking the rules. If the jumper is damaged, you will have to pay for it. Around the jumper, set up simple activities. Ask a volunteer to paint faces, make balloon animals and operate musical chairs and cake walk games.

Step 4

Reward your guests with prizes and food. Carnival prizes can be bought in bulk and are inexpensive. Gender-specific grab bags are always a hit. Make sure that you have a volunteer to barbecue hot dogs and serve lemonade. Cotton candy and snow cone machines also are inexpensive to rent and easy to operate.

Tips and Warnings

  • Don't forget to have volunteers help you clean up. Make trashcans readily available at your carnival.

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