Easy Homemade Gifts for Dad

Father's Day is traditionally celebrated on the third Sunday in June. This special day is celebrated in different ways and on different days around the world. However, the meaning is the same: to honor fathers and those we admire like fathers. For those who can't afford to give Dad an expensive gift for Father's Day, a birthday or another special occasion, heartfelt and creative homemade gifts are sure to be appreciated.

Garage Hold-All

Peel the label off a 1 lb. or larger plastic coffee container, and use permanent markers or acrylic paints to decorate the can. Write a poem or phrase about how great Dad is, and put a few bolts or nails inside so Dad knows the can is to hold small items that get scattered around the garage.

Recycled Hat Cover-Up

Gather some old ball-type caps that have logos or patches on them. Search for caps with things that interest Dad, such as motorcycles, fishing or sports. Cut the picture logo or patch from each cap. Use an old blanket or sheet for the cover-up for this Dad gift. Sew the cap logos onto the cover-up or use fabric glue. Use permanent markers or fabric paints to add more decoration to the cover-up.

CD Case Photo Collage

On the inside of one side of a clear CD case, use clear tape to fasten one or more family photos. Crowd in as many photos as possible, overlapping portions of other pictures a little. Close the case. On the back side of the case, glue a magnet piece.

Tackle the Clutter

Dads can always use a place to keep their stuff: something to hold their personal things on their dresser, a place for the remote control and "TV Guide" by their favorite chair, or a place to put loose change and things close to their place at the table. Refurbish a tackle box---any size, metal or plastic---by washing it out well and decorating it with paints or markers. Glue on some objects such as coins, fishing hooks, golf tees or other "dad" things.

Puzzle Piece Coaster

Show Dad how much he holds the family together. Assemble a 4-by-4-inch section of an old puzzle, and spray it with enamel paint in Dad's favorite color. When the paint dries, use permanent markers to write a cool message for a personal dad gift.

Handmade Cards

Don't forget how much Dad would appreciate a homemade card. Fold a piece of paper in half and then again to make it look like a greeting card. Draw a picture on the outside, and write a message to Dad on the inside. For more complex cards, use different types and shapes of paper or cardboard. Or, cut out a picture from a magazine and glue it to a piece of cardboard, and glue a poem or picture onto it. Card ideas are limitless. Use something Dad uses a lot, such as sandpaper or a piece of accounting paper or even a clean oil rag.

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