Funny Dad Shirt Sayings

Gifts for mom are usually sentimental and loving, but dads often bring out the urge to poke some gentle fun at them. Chances are you have a wealth of material to work with, whether you're joshing him about his hobbies or ribbing him about his fatherly role. With many online sites that can custom-print special slogans on T-shirts, it's easier than ever to creatively express your feelings about good old dad.

Seriously Funny

Humor can give a light air to serious issues, helping you communicate feelings that are difficult to express openly. That may be the idea behind CafePress' stepdad T-shirt: "I'm the Best Stepdad 'cause I still wanted all these crazy kids after I met them!" Give it to your stepdad as a way of thanking him, in a casual, lighthearted way, for taking on the task of raising you. Think carefully before using sarcastic or mean-spirited humor on your dad's T-shirt. The point is to laugh with him, not at him---and to give him something he'll want to wear in public. Slogans like "The grill's ready --- Call 9-1-1!" are best for the dad who really does know his way around a grill. And "I fish, therefore I lie" is a universally accepted joke that shouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.

For the New Dad

Funny sayings don't have to make fun of their target. For the man who just became a dad, go with something that humorously identifies with his new role and its challenges: "New dad --- will work for nap" or "New dad --- I brake for naps" plays on the new dad's lack of sleep. "My wife had a baby and all I got was this huge hospital bill" inspires sympathy for the high cost of parenting. Offer a cute nod to the modern-day father's involvement in the chores of baby care: "D.A.D. (Diaper Adjustment Detail)."

For the Veteran Dad

You can show both love and respect for your dad with humorous sayings about special moments and thoughts from your growing-up years. "Because I said so!" affectionately recalls those days when that was his standard answer to the question, "Why can't I?" Give the strict dad a shirt declaring, "Her heart belongs to Daddy and so does your butt!" Give the thrifty dad a shirt announcing, "Turn off that light!" Try CafePress' funny reference to dad and all the things he pays for: "Dad --- The Man The Myth The Wallet."

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