Father's Day Gift Ideas for a Boyfriend

Sometimes it can be challenging to think of something different and clever to get a boyfriend for Father's Day. Check out these great ideas for help. What's even better is that these gift ideas don't have an expiration date. You can give them as a gift anytime to make any day Father's Day.

Sports Fan Gifts

Be a real sport for Father's Day. But matching t-shirts featuring his favorite sports team, sports magazines, and prepare all his favorite game day foods like chicken wings, hot dogs, nachos and more. If you won't be together on Father's Day--no problem. Create an "All Access" pass flyer, and wrap it in a gift box. Indicate the day for your sports date, or let him pick it himself and write it on the pass. List everything he'll have access to--food, beverages, and even you.

You've Been Framed

This one requires you to be a bit sneaky. Find a picture of his kids. It would be even better if you find one where he's also in the shot. Most men don't take time to have pictures framed. So here's your chance to surprise him. Get the picture framed beautifully--double mat and all. Wrap the framed picture as a very special Father's Day gift. He's sure to remember and cherish your thoughtfulness forever.

Pick Your Pleasure Gifts

Take slips of paper and write down gift ideas. Think of an assortment of ideas from practical things to wild and wacky. Use ideas like a homecooked meal, a massage therapy night or a date at a game arcade. Fold the slips so he can't read what's on them and put them in a big salad or punch bowl. Allow him to pick slips to draw his present. You can even let him pick a total of slips that equals the number of kids he has.

Role Reversal Gifts

Do you leave chores like mowing the grass or taking out the garbage to him? Well switch roles and give him a week off by doing it yourself. Let him be the one who gets flowers and candy for a change. Or even a teddy bear. On a sunny day you could really surprise him by going outside and washing the car or taking it to get detailed. If he usually does the driving when you go out, get in the driver's seat and be his chauffeur. Take him to dinner at his favorite restaurant. And don't forget to pick up the check!

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