Father's Day Arts & Crafts for Kids

In the United States Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. On this day, people honor and thank their fathers by treating them to a special dinner, taking them to do their favorite activity or giving them a gift. Many children choose to make a present for their dad on Father's Day. If your child is looking for ideas, consider helping them make a dad pennant, pencil holder or homemade mug this year.

Dad Pennant

Help your child create a special pennant for his dad that will look great at home or in the office. You can make the pennant out of foam, felt or paper. Pick your material of choice and cut out a long, pennant-shaped triangle. Once the pennant is cut, give it to your child to decorate however she pleases. One idea is to cut out letters and write "#1 Dad" on the pennant. You child can also add other words to describe his dad or add pictures of the things they enjoy doing together. If anything is glued to the pennant, make sure the glue dries completely before giving the gift. Your child's dad can hang up the pennant using some tape and will enjoy showing off her hard work to friends, family and coworkers.

Pencil Holder

A pencil holder made especially for dad makes a great gift to display on his desk at home or work. Clean and dry a tin can, remove the label and make sure there are no sharp edges. Help your child cut a piece of construction paper to fit around the can, then adhere it to the can using tape. Give your child old magazines and ask her to cut out words and pictures that remind her of her dad. Using glue, adhere the cut outs to the construction paper to create a collage. Allow the can to dry completely before your child gives it to his father. Dad can keep pens and pencils in the can on his desk for a daily reminder of how much his child adores him.

Homemade Mug

Your child can decorate a mug to give to her dad on Father's Day. Buy a plain white mug, enamel paint and paint brushes. Clean and dry the mug then give it to your child to paint however he pleases. Consider helping your child write a phrase like "I love you dad" or "Dad is the best" on the mug for a special touch. Once he is finished painting, follow the instructions on the enamel paint for drying the mug in the oven. Once dried, the paint will stay on the mug through washing by hand or in the dishwasher and will last for years to come. Dad will enjoy drinking his favorite beverage out of a mug made just for him.

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