Romantic Father's Day Gift Ideas From a Mommy

There are no rules written anywhere that say that gifts for Father's Day can't be romantic. They can also be clever, surprising, inexpensive and something the dad in your life can enjoy from night to morning and morning to night. So you might want to send the kids off on a sleepover.

Treasure Hunt

Nothing says romance like a wonderful glass of wine, imported cheese, candlelight, music--and the two of you. Make it even more romantic by turning it into a treasure hunt. Get five envelopes, and number each consecutively. Get note-sized paper, and write instructions and clues for each envelope. Note #1: Write--"Enjoy your wine. Look inside the refrigerator. Please follow all instructions. Do not call for me. I'll let you know when and where to find me." Put note #1 inside envelope #1 and next to a wonderful bottle of wine, alongside two glasses. Note #2: Write--"Enjoy your cheese. Then turn on the music." Put note #2 inside envelope #2 inside the refrigerator next to the cheese. Note #3: Write--"Put on one of our favorite songs. And light a candle." Put the note #3 inside envelope #3 and place on the CD player. Note #4: Write--"Pour a glass of wine for me. Bring it to our bedroom." Put the note #4 inside envelope #4 and place it next to the candle. Note #5: Write--"Happy Father's Day. I'm all yours. Enjoy!" Put the note #5 inside envelope #5. Dress in wonderful lingerie, and put envelope #5 somewhere near or on you.

Double Bubble Bath

Get your sudsiest bubble bath and body sponge, oils, lotions and candles. Have them in place, but hidden from your husband's view. Get a scarf, and scent it with your favorite perfume. Surprise him, and blindfold him. Lead him to the bathroom, turn on the water, and get your double bubble bath items ready. Assist him into the tub or shower, and give him a body cleansing he will never, ever forget.

French Maid Breakfast

How far you take this one is up to you. Rent a French maid costume, or create the look by simply wearing a black skirt, tight white blouse and apron. Be sure to hide your costume where you can access it from any room but your bedroom. On Father's Day morning, tell your husband that it's his day to sleep in while you make breakfast. Prepare a breakfast of eggs Benedict, crepes or French toast with warm maple syrup, berries and a pot of French roast coffee, of course. Slip into your costume after making the breakfast, and serve it to him on a bed tray. Bon appétit!

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