Father's Day Gift Ideas for a Senior Dad

Finding the right Father's Day gift can feel more and more complicated as your father gets older and his interests change. Father's Day is a time when you show your father how much you appreciate the contribution that he has made to your life, and choosing the right gift can express that. If you are shopping for a senior dad, there are many gifts that might suit him.

Ergonomic Tools

If your father loves to work in the garden, increasing stiffness or injury can make some tasks more difficult. Look for ergonomic tools that will take the strain off his body and help him enjoy a favorite hobby again. Some ergonomic tools include telescoping handles or handles that allow for a fist grip, which keeps the wrist from bending.

Nostalgic Memorabilia

Your father has lived through many world-changing events. What was his life like before he got married and had children, and what were the events that defined his generation? Consider finding him books, posters or souvenirs that remind him of those important times in his life. One great idea is to get him a reproduction newspaper from a day that was important to him.

Senior Telephones

Just because your father is getting older doesn't mean that he doesn't want to talk anymore. Many senior citizens start having issues with phones due to the small buttons or due to the fact that the phone is not compatible with hearing aids. You can find phones made for seniors that have larger buttons, larger displays for easy readability, and headsets that are made to be used comfortably with hearing aids.

Electric Blankets

Many seniors start to feel the cold more acutely as they age, and a cold bed can prevent them from getting the sleep that they need. A good electric blanket can keep your father warm at night and provide him with much more restful sleep.

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