How to Make a Card for Dad

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Your dad's birthday is fast approaching or maybe it is Father's Day tomorrow. Whatever the occasion, a thoughtful and valuable gift would be a home-made card customized to be meaningful for your dad. The following steps will help guide you through making your customized card for dad. You can make it as fancy as you want or maybe stick with a simple design and a short message.

Step 1

Take the heavy-stock sheet of white paper and cut it in half either length-wise or width-wise. The paper does not have to be white but a light-colored sheet will help make pictures and writing stand out. Set one half aside in case you need to start over. Fold the piece that you will be working on in half, and you are free to decorate and shape this card however you want.

Step 2

Figure out what it is you want on the cover of the card. Think about what kind of message you want to convey, what it is that you want to celebrate about your dad, what visual pictures you want to add to match your dad's personality, or maybe an inside joke between the two of you. Plan the design by drawing out possibilities of looks and gather together any items you want to paste onto the card. For example, if the basic message I want to pass is "Happy 52nd Birthday," the visuals I can add might be lit candles, a clip art birthday cake cutout and maybe a funny blooper snapshot of my dad.

Step 3

Paste or color anything that you want for the background onto the card. This could be colorful confetti that you draw or paste on. The items that are the main focus should be left for last in pasting on as you don't want anything overlapping and drawing attention away from them. Be sure you know how you are going to arrange it all to fit on the front of the card. If you do not have anything to glue on, do the opposite by drawing or writing your message first and then adding the background or embellishment so that you do not cover up the main focus or message.

Step 4

Decide on the message you want to add to the inside of the card. It can be in letter format, or as in most cards, a short cute blurb that is funny yet warms the heart. Examples might include: "Dear Dad, of all Dads, Happy Father's Day for the person who raised me through the thick and thin times. When my car broke down, I knew I could rely on you to come save me and look my car over. When I needed the support for my career change, you were there with your realistic advice. I'm so happy that you're my dad. Love, Your Darling Daughter." And "Every year brings wisdom, bigger pants sizes, and a fuller understanding of love. I can't wait to join you. Happy Birthday Dad. Forever, Your Son." If you want the inside of the card to be neat, you can type and print your message and then cut it out. Use a glue stick to paste this on the inside of your card. For those with legible neat penmanship, go ahead and write the message yourself.

Step 5

You now have a self-designed card. Before you decide to give your dad the card, proofread to make sure you did not spell anything wrong and that the glue is dry. To avoid having the card curl up on you, wipe away excess glue and place the card under a heavy object such as a textbook.

Things You'll Need

  • Heavy-stock 8.5-by-11 inch sheet of white paper
  • Coloring medium such as colored markers, crayons or color pencils
  • Scissors
  • Your creativity
  • Optional:
  • Colored construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Miscellaneous clip art cutouts
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