Construction Paper Father's Day Crafts


Construction paper Father's Day crafts are an easy way for children to honor Dad on his special day. Construction paper crafts can be simple enough for young ones to make or more involved for the older kids. Nothing touches the heart like a child's homemade gift, whether it's a simple card made with construction paper and crayons or a more elaborate scrapbook page.

Making Cards

The simplest construction paper craft to make is a card. Simply fold a sheet of construction paper in half, draw on the outside, and write on the inside. You can dress up your construction paper card in many ways. Use stamps, die-cuts, stickers or glitter. For other items such as buttons, beans or beads, you may have to reinforce the construction paper. Try a double layer of construction paper, or take the thin cardboard from a cereal box and glue it between two sheets of construction paper. Write a small poem on the inside, or some heartfelt words, to let Dad know how special he is.

Using Photographs

A photograph of child and Dad together will make the construction paper craft an even more special gift. Put the photo on the inside or outside of a card, or make the project "open-faced." Make copies of several photographs and glue them onto a large sheet of construction paper for a special photo collage. Printing the pictures on regular printer paper will ensure they are not collectively too heavy for the construction paper. Reinforce the construction paper if you use photo paper for the pictures. Help your child make a "scrapbook page," with photos, lettering, borders and embellishments (you may have to use reinforcement for this project, too).

Making Books

Make a construction paper book by using wide strips of construction paper folded back and forth in an accordion style. Have your child draw pictures of favorite activities with Dad on each section. Or fold several pieces of construction paper in half and punch holes along the folded edge. Decorate the pages and write a different word for Father on each, such as Dad, Papa, or Daddy. Google what children in other countries call their fathers and add those words to your construction paper book. When finished, thread a ribbon or yarn through the punched holes to bind the book together and put a finishing touch on this special Father's Day construction paper craft.

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